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Cellular Regeneration

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At Advanced Regen Medical, our focus has always been to provide you, our patients, with the best clinical service offerings. We are now opening up a Medical Clinic dedicated to helping you support a healthy and happy lifestyle, combining medical skills and expertise that span the entire wellness spectrum. The Clinic will emphasize men's sexual function, hormone support and regenerative solutions which impact men's health and wellbeing. Our intention is to provide the latest, safe and evidence-based therapies, which can help restore vibrancy and physical condition.

There are various causes of men’s sexual issues, and we work closely with you to help you uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms with thorough evaluation and testing. We are excited to share with you an opportunity to receive treatment in our clinic by an experienced provider, who will be training our staff on cutting-edge procedures that can change your life. If you or a loved one has been experiencing any symptoms associated with ED, consider contacting our clinic to secure your appointment to take advantage of this rare opportunity. If you are ready to start feeling like yourself again, call our clinic today to schedule a consultation with our professional medical staff.

Doctor's Clinic


Men's Sexual Health can be a complex subject  
with components of physical changes, neurochemical imbalances and hormonal
that work together to achieve optimal performance.

We endeavor to understand your individual health profile and assemble a protocol which most efficiently meets your needs. For many men, Gainswave treatments with minimal supplement support can make the difference. 


For more complex cases, we can include hormone supplementation and regenerative solutions which can significantly improve outcomes.


We look forward to helping you develop your
health enhancement plan.

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Meet The Team


Katrina Diehl - FNP-C

Katrina Diehl is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her Bachelor's in Nursing at Brigham Young University and her Master's in Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner certification at University of California, San Francisco. 


Lisa Pavese - FNP

Lucia website.jpg

Lucia Santucci - Financial Manager

Lisa Pavese is a Family Nurse Practitioner who received her Master's degree in Nursing at University of

San Francisco in 2005.

Patty D.jpg

Patty DiBlasio MD, MPH

Patty DiBlasio is a licensed MD who has expertise in a wide range of fields as a clinical physician and a medical director.

Lucia Santucci has been the Advanced Regen Medical / Neurology & Pain Centers office manager and financial manager for the last 10 years.

Dr. S.jpg

Thomas Santucci DC, CNS

Dr Santucci graduated from Georgetown University in 1978.  He is a Functional Medicine doctor with special interest in Neurology and Autoimune conditions.


Carli Colyer - Medical Assistant

Carli Colyer graduated from University of California, Davis. She aspires to become a Physician Assistant in the future.