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Special Offer: Men's Health Evaluation for $175 (normally $325)

This consultation will enable you to see the best options for your individual condition.

It includes:

  • Complete Medical History to properly categorize what is wrong

  • Sexual Health Inventory & Androgen Deficiency Scores to objectify your condition

  • Evaluation of Peripheral Oxygenation to evaluate cardiovascular elements

  • Testosterone Testing to see if Low T is present (it is often a complicating factor

As part of this special we are including a Men's Health Lab Test to evaluate your testosterone and hormone levels.  Adding this therapy to the PulseWave treatment greatly increases the success of our program.

To get started, complete the form above or call (408) 871-8222.


Revitalize Your Sex Life

Oral ED medications are not effective for most men and can have many harmful side effects. At our clinic, we offer an ED treatment that attacks the cause of the problem without the use of pills, needles, or harmful side effects. 

PulseWave uses Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. 


Using pulsating sound waves, PulseWave promotes increased blood flow to the penis by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating growth of new blood vessels. The improved blood flow rejuvenates the penis resulting in increased sensitivity, stronger erections, and more natural, spontaneous erections

Some patients have seen impro
vements and better erections in as little as three treatments. Results may vary.

Looking to improve your performance in the bedroom? You do not have to be suffering from erectile dysfunction for us to help. Our treatment options can help improve the quality of your erections for a better overall experience. 

Who is PulseWave for?

Men with Erectile Dysfunction

For men unable to get or maintain an erection, PulseWave is a drug and surgery-free alternative that helps to restore sexual performance and satisfaction without any of the harmful side effects. 

Men with Peyronie's Disease 

A drug and surgery-free alternative for men suffering from Peyronie's Disease, PulseWave works by breaking down the scar tissue and reducing the curvature of the penis typical of Peyronie's Disease. 

Men Seeking Drug-Free Male Enhancement

You do not have to be suffering from ED to benefit from PulseWave. For men who simply want to improve their sexual performance, we can help. 

What is the Cost of PulseWave?

The cost of PulseWave can vary. It all depends on the number of treatments needed to give men the full relief from their symptoms that they need to achieve better sexual health. Typically 6 to 12 treatments are recommended, depending on the severity of symptoms and the patient’s goals. Packages start at $600 per treatment. Keep in mind that the effects of GAINSWave last for months, saving thousands of dollars on prescription ED medications.

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