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What if you could find out how fast you are aging?

What if you could find out which biological systems are most likely to fail?

What if you could effectively change your death age?

Healthy Ageing

More than ANY OTHER FACTOR, Chronological Age is the number one factor for predicting health outcomes! This means that the risk of contracting or succumbing to any disease gets worse as we AGE.

So now it becomes crucial to assess the rate of aging and slow it down as much as possible.


Over time our bodies are subject to a cumulative set of

• chemical,

• neurological and

• energetic compromises


That may present as what we call AGING.

This is an unfortunate classification, because, in fact, they may be reversable issues which can essentially turn back the clock.

Lotus in Bloom


There are some newer DNA-level tests that can give us understanding into preset health details and even the rate at which you are ageing.

Orthopedic and Neuro exams benchmark physical capabilities. For some patients, we perform Brain Scans or other orthopedic and neurological studies.

Taken together, these clinical insights yield a viable Personalized Treatment Plan.



  • Regenerative Therapies

  • In clinic Services as outlined in your plan

  • Nutraceutical and Hormone support

  • Testing and Review of Key Performance Indicators

  • Analysis of outside Lab Testing

  • Text and Online Consultations​

Shades of White Stone
White Sand and Stone



  • Regenerative Therapies

  • Semiannual Testing and Review of Key Performance Indicators

  • Physical & Neurocognitive refresh

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