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Wall Angel Stretch 

-Posture and balance assistance

Dr. Santucci shows us a stretch that helps strengthen our posture and helps our balance. Most anyone can do this and all you need is a wall. This stretch is important for all of us as our daily routine and movement patterns tend to keep us in a forward-leaning, and at times, slouching position. Do these simple exercises daily and watch the benefits unfold. 

The Single Leg Stance 

As we grow older or run into unexpected health issues, we tend to lose our strength and our balance. Dr. Santucci teaches you how to safely and effectively regain your strength and your balance with his series of convenient exercises. To learn more, you can visit Advanced Regen Medical or go to our website at

Core Strengthening 

Your core is the foundation of your body. Many people don't realize that the core not only assists with maintaining your front end, but it also helps your back and posture! Do these easy exercises from your home or office daily to strengthen your core and promote healthy balance.

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