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To partner with concerned and affected individuals to restore health and maximize life expression utilizing cutting edge protocols and new technology.




A part of our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive health care while promoting long term wellness, we strive to discover the underlying cause of our patients’ symptoms and build an effective medical solution.

By sharing unbiased current information, we work to educate patients on how to self-manage a healthy lifestyle.

We have always endeavored to utilize advanced technology and the latest neurometabolic interventions. Clinical tools include multi-discipline diagnostics, Functional Medicine Protocols, Regenerative Procedures, & Neuro Rehabilitation.


We are dedicated to being lifetime learners.  This is a journey where prior year’s thinking quickly become suspect and entrenched protocols become obsolete.

Building on a rich legacy of Natural Medicine, many of our natural interventions have provided an armamentarium to effectively overturn sickness & disease conditions.

In much the same way, we have developed a model of aggressive Preventative Care, feeling it is better to take steps to avoid a misfortune before the complications of inaction set in.

By measuring patient performance throughout our treatment, and provide our objective proof of improvement.

We believe that patients should be at the center of care. Our integrated approach focuses on treating each patient with their entire physical, medical, and environmental history in mind. This method prioritizes treating patients as a whole, rather than targeting one specific issue or just homing in on a few symptoms.

Dr Santucci & Staff

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Lucia Santucci - Financial Manager

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Thomas Santucci DC, CNS

Dr Santucci graduated from Georgetown University in 1978.  He is a Functional Medicine doctor with special interest in Neurology and Autoimune conditions.

Lucia Santucci has been the Advanced Regen Medical / Neurologic Rehab Center office manager and financial manager for the last 10 years.

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