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Using the latest in Rehab technology and Regenerative techniques, we are helping our patients reduce or even eliminate their symptoms associated with joint pain. Regenerative Medicine seeks to prompt the injured tissue to repair and replenish nerves and muscles while providing valuable cellular matrix and anti-inflammatory mediators to improve our own body’s healing.

These treatments offer better safety than most surgical procedures as they are minimally invasive and are performed in our office procedure suite.  Patients do not require hospitalization, or a lengthy recovery.  Many patients are able to resume normal activities within days of their treatment.

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We have been busy evaluating several new products which have highly specialized functions and can specifically provide an extra layer of healing to injured joints.

Wharton's Jelly Knee procedure can help restore the synovial fluid's ability to cushion, lubricate and protect the knee joint as you move. It contains a natural source of long chain hyaluronic acid as well as numerous cytokines and growth factors. This is a simple one visit procedure that administers a high potency injection that starts working right away.

When compared to other solutions like PRP or stem cells from bone marrow or fat aspiration, Wharton's Jelly tests with a higher concentration of growth Factors and Cytokines to control inflammation.

Benefits of Regenerative Treatment for Joint Pain, Neuropathy, and Restoration of Energy:
  • Regenerative medicine may help you avoid surgery and reduce pain

  • Many patients are able to return to their normal activities following regenerative treatment

  • Regenerative medicine procedures are low risk treatments

It's time for you to take action to improve your Health, schedule a free consultation with our medical staff to determine what treatments may be right for you.

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